Teeth Whitening Options

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Are your teeth yellowed or stained? If you would like a brighter, more radiant smile, ask Dr. Bo Macdonald about teeth whitening in Los Angeles, California. At our office, we offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments.

In-Office Whitening
In-office teeth whitening is the fastest way to whiten your smile. When you come to our office for a whitening treatment, Dr. Bo Macdonald will apply the whitening product directly to your teeth. A special light may be used to accelerate the whitening process. Results can be seen after just one bleaching treatment. However, more than one appointment may be needed to reach your desired results.

Take-Home Whitening
With take-home teeth whitening, you can bleach your teeth in the comfort of your own home. First, our dentist will fit you for a bleaching tray and provide you with a bleaching gel. Wear the tray as directed by our dentist. You may be directed to wear the tray during the night or for a few hours during the day. This method of whitening often takes up to four weeks.

We welcome you to contact our dental office at 310-954-3925 today to learn more about the different methods of teeth whitening and to schedule a consultation. Our dentist and team are excited to help you on your journey to your dream smile!