Taking Care of Your Dentures

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If you are thinking about getting dentures, one of the things to which you may have been looking forward to may be the prospect of not having to brush your teeth any longer. Actually, your days of dental hygiene aren’t over, although the process will change somewhat.

Your dentures are easy to clean since they can be removed from your mouth. You will need to gently scrub them at least once a day using a toothbrush with soft bristles or a denture brush. Regular toothpaste contains abrasives that can damage your dentures. Instead, use a toothpaste designed to clean dentures, or even dish soap or hand soap. You should clean your dentures over a sink full of water or a towel so that they do not break if you should drop them.

You should take your dentures out for a minimum of at least four hours a day, and it is not a good idea to sleep with them in. Placing them in a denture solution will not only help to clean them but will also keep them moist so that they can hold their shape. Don’t forget to brush your gums. Bacteria and even plaque can form on your gums, and brushing them will not only keep them clean but stimulate their blood flow.

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