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Dental implants are permanent, stable tooth replacements that restore your smile to its beautiful, natural appearance. They are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone to support replacement teeth. At Bo Macdonald DDS Dentistry, we use dental implants to replace one or multiple missing teeth and help stabilize dentures.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are artificial replacement roots used to replace missing teeth. A tooth implant comprises three parts: the implant itself, an abutment, and a dental crown. 

The dental implant is surgically placed directly into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth root. The abutment is used to connect the implant and the crown. An implant crown is then cemented to the abutment. The crown will be custom-made to look just like a natural tooth. 

Dental implants can also be used to stabilize dentures or bridges. In this case, the implants will be implanted the same way. Then, the bridge or denture is placed on the posts, providing excellent stability. 

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Unparalleled Durability

A dental implant is the most stable treatment available for missing teeth. They can withstand the same pressures in your mouth as your natural teeth. All your bite force is transferred into your jaw, creating a natural and durable hold for your tooth replacement.

Improved Appearance

Implant-supported tooth replacements are designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Not only will your appearance improve, but so will your confidence and ability to eat the foods you enjoy most. Plus, dental implants can help prevent bone loss in the jaw over time.

Many factors can lead to tooth loss and affect the appearance of your smile and this can make you reluctant to show off your smile and decrease your quality of life. With dental implants, you can restore the appearance and function of your teeth so that you can lead a full and active life again.

Preserve Adjacent Teeth

A dental implant replaces your missing tooth’s root, and, in turn, the stimulation the implant provides helps preserve the underlying jawbone. Without this stimulation, the bone will atrophy over time. 

As the bone shrinks, it alters the facial structure, often causing you to appear to have receding gums and a prematurely aged appearance. Of course, as the bone loss progresses, other teeth can become loose and eventually fall out entirely. Dental implants will allow you to avoid these complications and enjoy a healthy mouth.

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