Oral Health Surprises: Pregnancy and Dental Health

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Did you know that a pregnancy can cause several oral health risks to arise? If you are pregnant, aside from the litany of other issues that you will have to make sure are taken care of, it’s a good idea to visit your dentist and let them know you’re pregnant so that be appropriate treatments can be used throughout your pregnancy and beyond to keep your smile safe. Because several oral hygiene risks often develop throughout a pregnancy, various treatments and techniques will need to be employed.

If you are pregnant, you will be at an increased risk for poor oral hygiene tactics. Often times, this is directly linked to the fact that individuals simply forget to continue to clean their mouth effectively or neglect it in any way. However, this can lead to several other oral health risks including problems with your pregnancy. Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and premature delivery can all easily arise if you continually neglect your oral hygiene while pregnant. Furthermore, pregnancy can increase your risk for gum disease. In order to ensure that your smile is safe should you be pregnant, you’ll need to visit your dentist regularly for routine examinations and treatments as needed. Don’t forget to tell your dentist about any prenatal vitamins or medications that you may be taking.

Keep an effective diet while you’re pregnant. Not only can this provide several benefits for your child, but also can improve your own health and your oral health. Avoid unhealthy materials and substances such as sugars that can increase your risk for various oral health problems including dental erosion.

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