Medication and Your Oral Health

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Many Americans take some form of medication. It may be a prescription from a doctor, or a vitamin or other supplement. It might even be an inhaler. Many medications can impact your oral health, and sometimes those effects are negative.

Different medications will have different effects. Because of that, when you come to see us at Bo Macdonald DDS, we will need to know your medical history and any medications that you are taking.

Some of the oral side effects of medication may include:

,Abnormal bleeding. which can be a problem if you are having oral surgery or treatment for periodontal conditions

A change in your ability to taste, which can be brought on by inhalers, smoking cessation treatments, anti-inflammatory drugs, among other things.

Some blood pressure medications, and oral contraceptives can cause a reaction with the tissue in your mouth.

Other medications can cause enlarged gums or dry mouth.

Obviously every patient is different and your dentist will know how best to treat you while you are using your medication. When you visit Bo Macdonald DDS in Los Angeles, California, make sure that you tell Dr. Macdonald or a member of our team about any medications that you are taking. That includes any vitamins or herbal supplements. The more we know about your health, the better care we can give you.