Fluoride Has Proven Cavity-Fighting Properties

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Fluoride has proven cavity-fighting properties which have been well documented for many years now. In fact, fluoride is so efficient in keeping our teeth healthy that it has been added to our public drinking water to add an additional layer of treatment for our teeth. If you are looking to supplement your oral health care with fluoride, consider adding a dental cleaner that features the mineral.

Although fluoride is found all around the world in its natural form, it is most often received through our dental cleaning products. Many types of mouthwash and toothpaste feature fluoride as an active ingredient designed to improve the condition of our tooth enamel, as well as to add an additional layer of protection.

Fluoride is also present in many types in supplementation, including tablet, drop, pill, and lozenge form. However, make sure to never give fluoride to children under three, as high doses can be toxic. If you have any questions or concerns regard the fluoride treatment you receive or would like to know which sources may benefit you the most, speak with your dentist.

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