Find Answers to Your Dental Sealant Questions Here

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Are you ready to find out more about dental sealants in Los Angeles, California? We are pleased to answer many of the questions we receive about dental sealants!

Q: What are dental sealants?
A: They are a clear or tooth-colored plastic coating that protects your teeth from tooth decay.

Q: Which teeth can receive dental sealants?
A: Premolars and molars often need dental sealants because their deep pits and fissures are prime habitats for tooth decay.

Q: Which patients can have dental sealants?
A: You can receive a dental sealant at any age, though we typically recommend them for children who are at a high risk of cavities.

Q: How are dental sealants placed?
A: The first step is to clean and dry the tooth, and then add an acidic solution to the chewing surface to roughen it up and help the tooth enamel bond with the sealant. We clean and dry the tooth a second time before painting on the sealant material. Finally, we use a special dental light to harden it.

Q: Does it hurt to receive dental sealants?
A: No, dental sealants are a virtually painless procedure.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: We can apply a dental sealant in just a few minutes.

Q: Will dental sealants be visible?
A: No, the tooth-colored or clear material blends with your smile.

Q: How long can dental sealants last?
A: Your dental sealants should serve you well for several years, and we will check on them each time you visit the dentist.

Q: Do I still need to use a toothbrush and floss?
A: Yes because your dental sealants won’t completely cover your teeth or surrounding tissues.

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