Dental Bridges Can Replace the Presence of Tooth Abscess

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When a cavity is not treated quickly and properly, it can continue to grow and increase the bacterial presence in your mouth until you develop tooth abscess. The occurrence of an abscess could cause you to experience a severe toothache and ongoing gum pressure. If you have an abscessed tooth and require tooth extraction as a result, you can receive a custom dental bridge to restore your smile.

If you have noticed a dental problem affecting your oral health, we encourage you to speak with Dr. Bo Macdonald about treatment so that oral bacteria doesn’t carry over into the bloodstream. A largely decayed tooth or extensive abscess may necessitate tooth extraction so that we can clean away the infected material from the socket and select an optimal replacement for the tooth.

Our dentist can replace a missing tooth with a variety of dental restorations, including dental bridges to provide quick and effective ways to fill tooth gaps. To place the dental bridge, she will need to transform the neighboring teeth into abutments so that the healthy dentin pillars can support the bridge. Then, we make an impression of your smile for a dental lab to view its natural appearance and craft your bridge.

A second appointment is typically required to place the finished bridge, which is cemented over the abutments using a powerful dental adhesive. If you are concerned about the presence of a dental abscess and are considering receiving a dental bridge in Los Angeles, California, call Bo Macdonald DDS at 310-954-3925 today to schedule an oral exam.