Correcting Issues That Arise with Toothaches

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Are you ready for the holiday seasons to begin? Have you taken the time to prepare your life for all the fun and activities that await with fall and winter? Make sure to keep your smile safe this season to ensure you can enjoy all seasons for many years to come. If you suffer an oral accident or injury, it can severely hinder not only your oral health but also your life.

Keep your smile safe by preventing damage due to oral accidents and injuries. This includes making intelligent choices about what risks not to take. However, if damage does occur to your smile, toothaches can arise. Blunt trauma and oral accidents are two common risk factors for toothaches. A toothache refers to damage to a tooth within the pulp, specifically to the nerve endings. If you do suffer a toothache, visit your dentist immediately.

Toothaches are not always immediately detectable. Some toothaches may appear as pain in other areas of your body, and you won’t be able to associate them directly with nerve damage to a tooth. However, other symptoms do tend to arise with toothaches including high fevers, chills, and facial rashes that cannot be easily explained otherwise. Furthermore, if you notice any discharge in and around your teeth, or pain continues even after using medications, a toothache may be present. For additional help with a toothache, visit your dentist.

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